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10 Fun Things to Do in the Boston Area with Kids this Summer  June 10, 2015 – 11:25 pm

I freakin’ love Boston. I moved here after college 16 years ago, and have been here ever since, except for a couple of years in Iowa for grad school. (Go Hawkeyes!)

Since our girls were born, I’ve discovered that it’s a great area for families, too. It’s amazing, the sheer variety of things there are to do with kids in the city and within a stone’s throw of it. And I can throw a stone about 40 miles, for what it’s worth.

Like any family with little ones, we’ve had a lot of unplanned days to fill over the past few years, so we’ve discovered out a lot of good outings that are do-able and affordable with toddlers or preschoolers. So I present to you below ten of our favorite things to do in and around Boston when the weather’s good. All of these things are either free or pretty durn cheap. (And there are lots more, too, but I don’t want to try your patience on the slide show front. Believe me, I get it.)

I’m leaving out things like the Children’s Museum, the Science Museum, the Boston Aquarium and the Franklin Park Zoo — all of which are wonderful, and all of which we’ve visited, but which get pricey once you pay for three, four, or more tickets. (If you live in the Boston area, though, you can score free or cheap passes from your local library! Do it!)

Be sure to share your ideas in the comments, yo.

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  • 10 Fun Things to Do in the Boston Area with Kids this Summer

    Take the T

    My kids are so easily entertained, just riding the T (aka the subway) is a thrill to them. (And a cheap one at that!) If you're plumb outta ideas, buy a Charlie ticket (kids under 12 ride free), hop aboard, get off at the stop of your choice for an ice cream, and hop back on. Bam. Done.

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From today's Boston Globe:

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